A Complete Management Solution Designed to improve Ease, Efficiency & Education

Administrative Panel

Manage your Institution and its Resources, Accounts, Classrooms, Students, Teachers etc. from a single Dashboard.

Parents App

Empowering Parents to get an Aprehended overview of Students Perfomance, Institutional activities, Notifications and much more.

Students App

Students gets access to exclusive services specially curated to increase their Productivity and Ease of Learning.


Administrative Panel

An Indeginous Powerful Dashboard curated for Admins to Manage all Institutional Resources and get real time Analytics at a single point.
Some of the exclusive features are listed below
  • Account Management
  • Admission Management
  • Fee Management
  • Employee Management
  • Institute Resource Management
  • Library & Transport Management
  • Secure Personal Data Storage.
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Parents App

Connecting Institutes and Parents to bridge the Gap and help parents and Institute work togther in order to empower Students.
  • Complete Result Analysis Using Artificial Intelligence.
  • Daily Attendance Notification
  • Bus Tracking
  • Teacher-Parent Chat Channels
  • Online Payment Integration.
  • Important Notification & Updates
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Students App

Empowering Students with productivity tools and create a seamless experience for them
  • Automated To-do list
  • Admission Management
  • Fee Management
  • E-store To buy supplies for projects and other utilities.
  • Important Notifications and Updates
  • Chat Channels for Classroom
  • Secure Personal Data Storage
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